“When I give David and Therese a job, I know they're going to worry about it as much or more than I do. They have a dramatic sense of urgency and tenacity one very rarely finds in the creative business. Getting the job done on time is fine, but getting it done first class is the goal these highly talented tacklers achieve with relish.”

Morris Hertz
vp operations
Walco Promotions
(now vp/creative partner, Bernard Hodes Group)

“We get what we want from Hearn/Perrell…good design; crisp, clean finish; fair prices and, perhaps most important, delivery on time with no excuses.”

Walter Leftwich
The Walter Leftwich Organization

“Hearn/Perrell delivers the impossible—and it looks great!”

David Nathanson
Nathanson Advertising

“Taste, imagination, dependability, and flair exist together at Hearn/Perrell. This rare combination makes working with them both a personal and professional pleasure.”

Mike Grey
Producers' Creative Services

“Hearn/Perrell has done some great comps for me!”

Bill Franke
William Franke Advertising

“Hearn/Perrell has never let me down. My deadlines have always been met with quality concepts and finish.”

Macy Baum
Paul & Baum Advertising

“I worked closely with David for many years when I was teaching client/server concepts to corporate audiences. I would develop a basic idea that I wanted to present in PowerPoint and then ship the files to David, who would transform them into truly professional images. And he could do it amazingly fast.”

Bob Jones
The Socrates Group

“Once again your professionalism and tireless efforts have paid tremendous, enormous dividends to us…The theatre looked absolutely elegant and the brochure is the talk of the industry. Please extend my appreciation to all of your associates for having knocked their brains out for us.”

Jonas Rosenfield, Jr.
Twentieth Century-Fox
(quoted from a letter to Seiniger & Associates, forwarded to H/PAA)

“Hearn/Perrell is amazing. To mention but one documented example: the Luncheon Special posters they designed for Pioneer Take Outs upped our luncheon sales from $75 to $125 per store per day…a healthy 67% increase.”

Jay Driscoll
Advertising Manager
Pioneer Take Out Corp.

For 38 years, Hearn/Perrell Art Associates has been a go-to house for strange assignments, vicious deadlines, and difficult situations—mainly because no project we've picked up has ever been dropped, maimed, or neglected.

Access our experience.

We've produced for accounts whose names are worth dropping, including Ashton·Tate, Sanyo, Korean Air, McCulloch, Cointreau, Sunkist, Max Factor, Nissan, Fisher, LA Philharmonic, Shasta, Lawry's, 20th Century Fox, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Pioneer Take Out, Harlem Globetrotters. And we've worked just as hard on accounts that probably don't mean a thing to you like First Western Boot & Clothing Company, Etelos, Bank of San Pedro, Petromarine Ltd., National American Entertainment Corp., Socrates Group, Neyrfor Turbodrilling, Metrobank, Barco, Number Nine, Beach9, Max Rouse & Sons, Zyxel Corp. Our background is primarily in print advertising, promotional materials, and corporate collateral & ID. We've been involved in computer graphics since the mid-80's and website development since 1995. But you name it and we've probably done it at least once. High style through clean borax.

Reduce stress.

For starters, you'll get precisely what you want. We never assume we know your business better than you do, and over the years, we've learned what questions need asking. For instance…

  • Walco Promotions needed an LA-area art department whenever their very creative operations VP spotted a new client. He usually wanted something unusual pulled together while he was out of town, and always for a meeting next Monday.

  • The Walter Leftwitch Organization needed a median-range creative house that would handle everything except the copy, using their suppliers, for anything from annual reports to party invitations.

  • Every year for 11 years, we worked with Nathanson Advertising's in-house art department to produce increasing piles of trade show materials in time for CES. Which, pre-internet, would have been impossible without a seamless interface between Nathanson in the Valley and H/PAA in West LA & Santa Monica.

  • From 1983 to 1994, we helped Korean Air's North American Marketing staff interpret new policies and build new programs for American audiences, upgrade KAL's image, and keep collateral costs at a level the head office considered reasonable.

  • Back in the 90's, The Socrates Group was breaking new ground in a field many companies had come to depend upon, but few understood. Our job was to create materials that would appeal to both programmers and management.

We've spent a lot of time listening very carefully. Anticipating problems. Seeking solutions.

Avoid painful bites.

Whatever the magnitude of your budget, we can work within it. Or let you know up front why not. There's no “invoice shock” with Hearn/Perrell.

Check out our samples and give us a holler.

  • When you're confronted with a problem your current sources don't want to touch.

  • If you've got a mess on your hands that needs extraordinary coordination to unscramble.

  • When it's important to make an especially impressive or unusual presentation.

  • If you've been looking for a good general service studio with more than general-service pizzazz.

therese and david photo

Unless you're already very well supplied, we'll make a real difference in the way you handle the scary ones.

Let's talk about it now.
Contact us.

david perrell—art director & website developer
computer graphics, photo retouching

Before relocating in the graphic arts, David was in electronics R&D. He's also an experienced motorcycle/auto mechanic and computer builder/upgrader. In short, a wrist who actually reads and understands tech specs. He dove into computer graphics when aftermarket graphics adapters became available for the PC, going with IBM because Apple wouldn't let him play with their components. But then he had to learn programming because capable graphics software wasn't available. Now well known on the web as the David in Dr. David's Super Crispy Software, he created one of the first truly functional draw & paint programs for the PC. (For us, but it was subsequently optioned by a software publisher.) He also contributed to the Cascading Style Sheet specification and set the industry standard for utilities that allow older software to run on newer computers. His Mo'Slo program is still being distributed worldwide.

David's technical orientation and general programming expertise come in handy when a website needs to be integrated with general business systems. In one case, a dot-com's site required numerous data forms for interaction between customers, employees, and the corporate database. David was able to help their programmers create data inputs and results screens that maintained the website's graphical integrity. And in all cases, his ability to identify potential vulnerabilities helps ensure secure access to SQL databases.

therese hearn—creative director & production manager
collateral design, direct mail, copy when necessary

Therese evolved from film/video production and arts promotion. Starting in 1962, she was employed as production assistant for a USC-KNXT Public Service series, freelance art director for Mehring Commercial Film Productions, advertising & promotion manager for the Southern California Symphony/Hollywood Bowl Association, and worked with Waggoner Public Relations as a designer and publicist. Along the line, she discovered she loved dreaming up promotional print, developing it, shepherding it through production, and waiting for the sales reviews to come in. Asked about the high points of her life, she'll tell you about the time an ad campaign got reviewed by an LA Times music critic and upped the LA Philharmonic's student ticket sales by 300% one week from break. The time a 1x2 ad prompted Channel 4 News to do a special that filled the Pasadena Art Museum auditorium for a Czech mime. The time a handout idea inspired O&M's award-winning “The Art of Joyful Flying” campaign, which made KAL's sales force very joyful and inspired the “Incentive Oriented” brochure. Then there was the ID campaign that landed a small retailer on the cover of Newsweek. Some people get their kicks from bungie jumping. Therese is more into synergistic serendipities.

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